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Sunday, February 04, 2007


So, back by popular demand (lol...pretty much only by Jason and Veronica, but that's popular in my books). So, I am gonna write about Kentucky as the title says. So, I don't really know what to write except that I obviously got accepted (otherwise I probably wouldn't be be writing about it.) So, Nancy Vink is going, so that's pretty sweet. there's so many cool people going. I'm getting pretty stoked. I was pretty worried about it and definitely didn't wanna go, but then I went to the meeting and I was so stocked. So, there's not much else to say, but if anyone wants to sponsor me (hint hint nudge So, anyway that's pretty much the story...i'll probably write another blog.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Crazy story...

Ok, I have a really funny story. I hope you all pee yourselves laughing.
So, I was driving to catechism, but me, Tineke and Janneke were gonna meet at Timmies before hand, so I was driving past the cemetary on County Road 7 where the speed limit is 50 and there is ALWAYS cops...I didn't even realize my speed, but I was going 80km/hr. Mom told me and I slowed down. As I was going down the hill I was speeding up, and Mom said "Oh, there's a stired car up ahead, so you better be careful." (the cop was at the corner of David St. and County Road 7...right at the bottom of the hill just before the bridge). So, I slammed on the brakes and I was going 55 km/hr. The cop turned the corner pretty fast and he was following me pretty close on my tail. I was SO nervous. Then, guess what I saw...the cherries in the back window! I was SO scared! So, just as I was going up the hill, I pulled over. I was shaking like crazy.
1st thought: I don't have money to pay for a ticket
2nd thought: I can't wait to tell the girls
3rd thought: Dad's gonna be pissed
Overall thought: SHIT!!!
So, he pulled up behind me and I rolled down the back window by accident. Luckily he wasn't at the car yet, so I rolled down the front window and got out my lisence. I was shaking so bad. It was so hard to get my lisence out. He like had a flashlight and everything. I was SO scared. So, he looked at my driver's lisence and was like, "G1 eh?" And I was like, "Yup." "Just learning to drive?" "Yup." "Well," he says, "I'm just doin a drunk driving test, but you look pretty sober. Have a good night." And that was it. I was SO scared!!! I could have peed my pants!!!! It was my first time being pulled over, and I was shaking like a leaf in the wind. It was so scary!!
That's my excitment for the night. Hope you enjoyed it!

Catechism and such

Hey everyone! I just thought I'd write a blog where people can write memories (ahem, Tineke) in comments, cuz those are always fun to read. I'll start with a few memories that I have of my earlier years. Most of you won't understand these, but Tineke Janneke and Kathryn, you guys will probably get most of these. So, you can comment on the memories or you can leave memories of your own.
  • Timmies and anything there
  • I don't smile for pictures
  • Organ Boy
  • Waltons and Dr. Quinn
  • DUMP club (dumping uniformly members of people)
  • Want chips? Cuz I do!
  • Let's go bafroom
  • Mental Institution and Marty
  • Miss Vanveen with her whistle
  • Janek
  • the beaker outside and the paper towels
  • no, i have papah
  • quizzes, quizzes, quizzes
  • Margaret Marple
  • Fighting in gym class (hiding clothes)
  • computers class...everything!!! (eg. unpluggin monitors, stealing the mouse, flash player, Brad)
  • Brad...enough said
  • "Wanna talk about something interesting?" "Yeah, like what?" "Guys." "What guys?" "I dunno." (meanwhile, you totally know which ones)
  • gas station
  • pringles
  • lizard drink
  • weird noises on the phone
  • Janneke-telling each other stories about you know what...or should I say who
  • Fights (strawberry patch, Gunink's hill)
  • Zaman, Wael, Richie, Ryan, Steve, etc
  • Prank calls 24/7
  • 24/7
  • running down the driveway in pjs in winter
  • suck the chimes, lick the dog, act like the dog, kiss the dog, lay in the dog's basket, etc (Kathryn)
  • Hannah and the horse
  • sitting on the lockers and Marsha telling on us

I think that's a pretty good start...more later, i'm sure! I just realized this post has NOTHING to do with catechism...we just have so many good memories at catechism. lol....good times girls....

Friday, October 13, 2006


Hey settle up this names thing....

My name was Watts at prouts because my co councellor, Ruth, was named Joules (like kilojoules) because that was her name at some other camp and they have a tradition to not change their names ever. So, I had to come up with something, and preferably to match her name. Well, seeing as I'm new at this whole naming thing and pretty uncreative with names, she chose the names Watts, because like Watts and Joules (light and energy) That was her idea, and I just went with it, cuz Sprouts really didn't count as a week for me. It was fun, but I will stick with my d3 name WATER WINGS!!!! Cuz I'm the lifeguard!!!

Joel, don't worry I never know your camp name. I just refered to you as Joel all week, and even for the begining of the week I didn't know who you were, like everyone would be talking about some Joel Faber and then I clued in...I'm pretty slow. camp was pretty fun...not as good as I expected, but yeah...more about that later (maybe...if I feel like it)

So...I'm glad that you think of me as Water Wings Joel, along with everyone else who knows my camp name and not my real name.....I don't mind it!! It rbings back AWESOME memories of the best week of my life D3!!!!!!!!! And I am still mad I missed the whole parking lot thing at post camp. I am still kicking myself. And that's a load that Crocket could hear us then, Cuz i was like half way there, and I couldn't hear you it was a load. Oh well, what's done is done, and next time I'll come to the parking lot instead of playing Settlers of Catan.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thanksgiving in the Sikkema Family

Hey 2 seconds later (not anymore, this is like the next day now)...hope you don't mind...if you do TOO LATE!!! muahahah!!!! jk...

Anyway, I just thought I'd write about my Thanksgiving weekend here...I won't elaborate too much on study weekend, only that it was AWESOME but apparently other people thought otherwise, but I thought it was good. Good Job Glanbrook!!! And billeting!! What fun!! good times Jess and Ash!! Going to Rogers and Sobey's in our pjs at 12:00 midnight... GOOD TIMES!! And then waking up at like 4 am to Jess's cat biting my hand for at least 20 minutes...AHH!!!

Anyway...this blog is actually about the Sunday...On Sunday, we had the family over (everyone except Marcel and Nicole, but the nicely joined us with a call and news that I'm sure I'm allowed to announce publicly over the internet. Anyway, it was a lot of fun! Anson and Leah went away for the weekend for their anniversary, so they left Landon and Niobe here. It was pretty fun. I missed most of it, cuz I was at Study Weekend, but the time that I was here was a lot of fun! We had Lord's Supper and so mom took Landon into church. I wasn't sitting with them, so right before they had to go up to Lord's Supper mom brought Landon up to sit with me, at the very front of the church by the organ. There was like loads of family around smiling at him and he was killing himself laughing. It was pretty cute. So anyway...after second service the whole gang came over and it was a full house for sure!!

It was awesome...I love having the family over. I love my, this includes you Jason). We had a lot of fun joking around and just enjoying everyone's company. And supper? That was pretty sweet too. TURKEY AND CHICKEN!! and much more too, but noth meats?!?! Crazy! was a lot of fun, and since I'm finishing this post like a week later than I started, I don't remember exactly what I was writing about, so that's the recap of my Thanksgiving here at home in the Sikkema's.

Post Camp!

Hey guys....This weekend is post camp!! And I am so excited!! On Friday night we're playing the fire game, and I haven't played that in SO long. It's like the best game ever. For those of you who don't know how to play, there is 2 teams, and you play in a huge area...preferably where you can hide behind stuff like trees (aka, forest or bush)...and then you each have to set up a fire and have like 2 people "stoking the fire" (aka keep it going) and the other team has to try and douse your fire. There are 2 bins at the middle line with water and there are cups, so you run with your cup of water and try to put out the other teams' fire. On your way over, the other team can tag you and you go to jail till someone frees you, or they can try and dump your cup of water. It is the most awesomest game ever!! Oh yeah, and you play in the dark, which makes it EVEN more fun. And we're playing that on Friday night and it is supposed to FREEZING cold, like snow cold. And I'm pretty scared for that, but that's what clothes are for, and I have enough of

But anyway, I'm REALLy excited for it!!! But it's gonna be weird, cuz I was there for 2 weeks this summer, and had 2 different names as a result. I'd rather Water Wings, but the people from Sprouts are probably gonna call me Watts (which is pretty much the dumbest name ever) but Water Wings is just way cooler!!

Anyway, names aside, i'm pretty sure it's gonna be fun and I can't wait!!! Gotta get a ride yet...

Monday, October 09, 2006



Hey guys!! Here are some pictures of my puppy, Shadow (who, I have recently been informed, is cross between black lab and COLLIE and not terrier...sorry for the mix up guys). So, these pictures are pretty cute, and were taken by Jason! Thanks bro!!
Yeah...she's pretty cute, but A LOT of work...I guess I was blessed with Buddy, had an awesome dog and didn't have to do a thing for it!!! Jason said, pretty soon she'll be trained and I'll love her just as much as I loved Buddy...I hope that time comes soon...until then, I commit her to the hands of my mother!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Response to Jay and Veronica

Hey can all read this, it contains "useful" information... but it is in response to the questions and comments that Jay and Veronica made in their last comment about the new puppy.
Name: none as of yet...I want Loupy Lou, Dad wants Charcoal, Mom wants Daisy
Well, I'm writing this a few days after I started it, so now my puppy does have a name. We finally decided upon Shadow.
Kind of dog: cross between black lab and terrier.
Umm...what else did you ask...can't remember... Yeah, that was it. And hopefully once you guys email the pictures of Shadow I can get them up on my blog for the world to see! Yeah right!
So anyway...that concludes this blog, and I'll be back for sure really soon for sure with pictures and more blogs of course!
Talk to you later!!

Monday, October 02, 2006


Guess what everyone?!? We got a puppy!!!!!! She's so cute! She's only 3 months old and she's black with white paws, a white tip on the end of her tail and a bit on her chest. She's adorable!! And she's so playful and friendly. She's so much fun! I was looking forward to seeing her all day because we just her today. After school I remembered that I had to work till 8. My shift took so long but when I finally got home I like rejoiced!! She's so cute and she jumps all over you! I can't wait to play with her more, but she's sleeping now. I'm definitely going to have to take pictures and put them on later! Can't wait till she wakes up!!